Wedding Update

We have our second engagement photo session on June 10! I know two is a bit excessive, but there’s a reason! When we first got engaged, one of Omar’s coworkers took our engagement photos, before we had even chosen a venue or photographer (you can see our photos here – she’s amazing!). We opted to not have her take our wedding photos because we wanted her to enjoy our wedding.

When we hired our wedding photographer, she offers a complementary engagement photo session with the package we chose. Omar and I went back and forth on taking her up on the engagement photos – because we already had some – but ultimately decided that a) it’s a great way to actually get to know our photographer before the wedding and b) we will only be engaged once, and since it’s free with our package, we might as well enjoy it! Plus, our engagement is long (18 months) so it will be nice to see photos of right after we got engaged versus three months before we get married.

We ordered our return address stamps for the invitations!

We purposefully chose one with our first names only, that way we will still be able to use it after the wedding. I’m hoping to start addressing envelopes soon, so this will definitely come in handy:

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 3.01.30 PM

We have (almost) decided on a guest book! 

I have been going torn on what to do for a guest book. Omar doesn’t really have a preference, so he’s left it up to me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a traditional guest book one that we could have up. Right now I’m leaning toward a Quaker marriage certificate as an alternate. We aren’t Quaker, but  I love the idea of have everyone as a “witness” to our marriage, and I like the idea of the promise written on them that we will be able to hang in our bedroom. Here’s the two we are looking at:

This one is our favorite design, but we like the promise on this one better. Luckily, they are by the same designer on Etsy, so I’m hoping if we decide to on this, we will be able to combine the two.

We finished the couples guide from Cultivate What Matters!

Y’all – run, don’t walk, to buy this is you are in a relationship, engaged, or married. We worked through this book in two sessions (it’s kind of broken up into two sections so it worked perfectly), but this is such a great way to prepare for marriage. It’s such a great way to set goals as a couple and individually, and asks questions like “What can your partner do to help you meet these goals?” It also has discussion questions like “What worked in our relationship in the past year and what didn’t?” and it has an entire page where you can list your hopes, dreams, and prayers for your partner over the next year (and then you can read it to them!)

I’m an avid user of their PowerSheets already (it’s a great companion if you love to goal-set/use a planner), and this a great add on. Omar isn’t really necessarily a planner, but he still enjoyed it!

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 3.19.18 PM

It’s worth way more than $12, in my opinion.


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