June Wedding Updates

June has been a very busy month regarding wedding planning.

We got our engagement photos done (and, as of this weekend we got them back)! We ended up doing two sets of engagement photos, and I love them both so much! I’ll do another post with photos, as we really haven’t gotten a chance to go through and download them all.
We ordered our wedding favors (which will be koozies!) – we haven’t them in yet but here’s a copy of the proof (and here’s the place we ordered them from):

wedding koozie

We ordered our wedding certificate! I’m so excited about this and loved the way it turned out! (here’s the place we ordered it from). In a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted two of the wedding certificates combined, and it ended up working perfectly.

wedding certificate

I ordered my bridesmaids gifts! Not posting those but I’m super excited for those to come in!

We started working on the “flow” of the wedding day, and planning out the ceremony. My goal is to at least start working on our vows this month (we are writing our own), and to finalize a rough schedule for the day of.



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