final wedding checklist

We are around 40 days until the wedding! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. I still feel like there’s a millions things to do though.


(this was us getting our marriage license a few weeks ago! i actually cried of excitement)

Here’s the running list of the final wedding plans we have to coordinate:

Send rehearsal dinner invites: they are ordered and on the way to us, but we still need to send them. We also need to finalize the menu for the rehearsal dinner.

Order alcohol:  We are able to purchase our own alcohol, but we still haven’t bought any. One of Omar’s coworker’s husband makes beer and he is making us this amazing lavender beer, so we will have that. But we still need to buy wine, champagne and other beer options

Finalize buying decorations: We’ve got a plan for this worked out with the venue, but some things still have to be purchased.

Order Omar’s gift: Same with this, I know what I’m going to get, I just actually have to order it.  

Write vows: We are writing our own vows! We also wrote our ceremony. The ceremony is complete and sent to the venue, but we still need to write our vows.

Wedding programs: This has been a bit of a torn in the side for me, I can’t find one I like!

Track missing RSVPs:  Our RSVPs were due yesterday, and we are still missing about 30, so we have to track those down. I have a list of who I am missing, so I’m hoping to divide that up among family and conquer it.

Finalize venue packet and send to venue: Our venue gave us this huge packet to go through to get our preferences on everything (which has been SO helpful!). But it’s due by August 30, and we are still working on it.


Those are all the big things left! We have smaller things, like payments due, etc., but for the most part, we are so close to being done!



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