2018 goals

2017 was a such whirlwind and busy, yet amazing year! There were so many highlights, and I can definitely say it was one of my favorite years so far (is that a thing? Can you have a favorite year?).

I’m a big believer in two things related to goals: First being, you don’t have to set goals on January 1. Any day of the year can be your January 1, if you so choose. Last year, mine was April 15. Seriously – I did not set any resolutions until April. And I still accomplished them! Second, I’ve learned from experience that I don’t accomplish goals as well unless they mean something to me. I can’t commit to something for a year unless there’s a reason why I’m doing it.

Last year, my big focus was on connecting. It was my word of the year, and I think I was pretty successful at that. Omar and I spent a lot of time discussing what it meant to be in a marriage and what that looked like for us, I spent quite a few weekends with some of my closest friends, and ended the year with a lot of family time!

This year – my focus is….focus! It’s my word of the year. I want to take the things I started last year and continue to refine them.

That being said, here are my five goals for 2018, and why they are my priorities. These aren’t in any particular order (if they were, marriage would obviously be first!). A lot of this is based off of my Powersheets work. I swear by my Powersheets, and if you are looking for a good place to start, I could not recommend them enough.

Goal 1: Continue working to steward our finances well

Why this is important to me: We are so lucky to both have well paying jobs that we enjoy, and we know we are so fortunate to have the things we do. However, we also have student loan debt and big goals we want to accomplish in the next fews years: we want to buy a house and start a family. We also believe strongly in helping  our community and giving generously.

Steps I can take to reach this goal: Set up auto draft for Omar’s IRA, pay at least an additional $3,000 on our student loans this year (after minimum payments), complete Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge from March – May, continue having our end of mont budget meetings, stick with our weekly grocery budget, add at least $100/month into our emergency fund.

How I will feel at the end of 2018 after accomplishing this goal: More in control of our finances, and excited that we will be closer to long-term goals we set for ourselves!

Goal 2: Continue working toward a healthy lifestyle

Why this is important to me: I want to be healthy for myself and my family. I know that I’m at a place in my life where it’s the easiest to be active, and I want to create a strong foundation now. I am a strong believer that healthcare starts at home, and don’t want to get stuck in the cycle of “sick-care” – diabetes, strokes, heart problems and dementia all run in my family.

Steps I can take to reach this goal: Signing up for April 5k, running the City of Oaks 10K this fall, continue to go to yoga class twice a week, get ready for the gym right after work so it’s easier for me to go, drinking 60 oz of water a day, eating raw vegetables at least twice a week.

How I will feel at the end of the year: Healthy and strong

Goal 3: Spend more time on things that matter to me

Why this is important to me: I want to live life intentionally and play an active role in my life and the lives around me.

Steps I can take to reach this goal: Continue to lessen my TV consumption, listen to the news on the way to work instead of checking it multiple times a day/when I’m home, no cell phone surfing at dinner, evening walks with Omar and Sadie device-free, less time in general on my cell phone (I’m still working on a plan to do this!)

How I will feel at the end of the year: More connected to my friends and family.

Goal 4: Cultivate our marriage

Why this is important to me: This kind of seems silly to write out, because obviously my marriage and Omar are important to me. But my marriage is important to me, and I want to lay a strong foundation now.

Steps I can take to reach this goal: Compliment Omar on something once a day, continue our weekly Sunday meetings (we base this loosely on this post, and I have to say it’s one of the best things we do for one another, hands down), not being distracted with my phone or dinner when he tells me about his day, continue our weekly “date nights” (that’s in quotations because we are on a budget, therefore a date night mostly consists of a nicer dinner at home and playing a board game – we don’t go out to eat often!).

How I will feel at the end of the year: More confident and loved – when one of us puts more effort into our relationship, the other almost always does the same.

Goal 5: Simplify our home processes and continue making our home a refuge for others

Why this is important to me: I feel this goal in general needs a bit of explaining. As we’ve had guests stay with us in our townhouse, a comment we’ve frequently gotten was “I just feel so relaxed here!” (or something to that effect). Neither one of us realized how important that was to us until we starting hearing it. Now, we love having people feel comfortable in our home, and we love when people feel at home in our home. Because we live close to two huge highways (40 and 95), we have people who swing by, or are near town, a lot, and it’s often on somewhat of a short notice. We love having people come by, even if it’s last minute, so I want to continue working on simplifying our home routines.

Steps I can take to meet this goal: Continue inviting guests with open arms into our home, revamp our chore list into a system that works for the two of us (something we had in 2017 but fell to the wayside in the chaos of wedding planning).

How I will feel at the end of the year: Grateful! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so much love from our friends and family, and I love inviting people into our home.


I feel strongly that when you share your goals, you are more likely to accomplish them, which is why I wrote all of these out. What goals do you have for 2018? And more importantly, why?



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