January progress + February goals

January flew by for me! It’s been a crazy month for us – we got snow twice (which is a lot for NC!) and Omar had the flu. So things have been a little wild around here, but I was still able to accomplish so much!

If you’re new here, I use Powersheets to track my goals! It’s definitely one of my favorite tools I’ve used, and they have revolutionized my way of thinking and goal-planning. You can read about my yearly goals here, or my goals before 30 here!

Here’s how my January goals went:

Here’s my set of Powersheets! Pro-tip: Keep them on your bedside table, so you can review them every night and check things off! 


Purchase birthday gift for mom: done! I got her a canvas print of a wedding photo of us she loves.
Set up IRA auto draft: this got moved to March because my company moved to a new paycheck processing system, which has had a few hiccups. That being said, I didn’t want my auto draft to be one of those hiccups, if at all possible. We did, however, move money into the account, just manually.
Sign up for 5K:
done! Actually, it’s a 4 miler 🙂
Extra student loan payments: done!
Extra money toward emergency fund: We did move some money over for this as well! 
Record three recipes:
Done! I recorded my grandfather’s bread pudding recipe, my grandmother’s green bean recipe, and a pimento cheese recipe we got from Omar’s brother-in-law.
50 pages of etiquette book:
done! Actually, I read a bit more than 50 pages.


Exercise 4 hours a week – this was…mostly accomplished. I definitely went to the gym more than I have in a long time, so I’m considering that a win. Progress over perfection 🙂 
Yoga two times – I’m also counting this as done, because due to snow, yoga class was actually canceled a few times. I did go to every class that was held, though. 
10,000 steps 3 times – the point in this goal was to get moving more. And while I did definitely get moving more, I didn’t quite hit this goal. But really, 10,000 is an arbitrary number that Fitbit sets and so the fact that I got moving more is what is most important!  
Comment on two blogs – Yep! I tried to focus in on Triangle blogs, and actually learned a lot about things in Raleigh I didn’t know about(for example, I read about Bittersweet here, and now it’s on our calendar to check it out!). So this was a win-win. 
Meal plan – 
this is still going strong.


No cell phone at dinner – making this a goal definitely made me focus on how much I was on the phone while at home!
60 oz of water – this went really well also! I’m a huge La Croix drinker (and we get them at work for free!), but I made a rule that I couldn’t drink one until I had 60 oz of water. It worked like a charm.

February goals!

Making goals for this month was kind of hard because the majority of the month will be centered around our (very belated) honeymoon (you can read about that here).

There’s a ton of things that I wanted to add to this list, but I decided there just isn’t enough time! I know I’m going to be distracted finalizing things for the honeymoon prior to us going, so I moved quite a few things to March instead! They are already written in the “On My Calendar” section for March so I can make sure they get done.

Here’s what I’ve got for February:



Extra student loan payment and emergency fund payment – this is just so it gets done! It aligns with our financial goals for this year, and it’s easy to slip on stuff like this. Putting this out there to the world makes me accountable.
Read 3 books – this aligns with spending more time doing things I like to do. I don’t really like to watch TV (except This Is Us, I’m obsessed) but I love to read, so hopefully this will get me away from the screen a bit more.
Prep cars and house for vacation – all of the boring, but important stuff – cleaning the fridge, changing the oil in the car. This might seem mundane to put on Powersheets, but I will definitely enjoy our vacation more knowing that things at home were taken care of before we leave.
Complete a well-planned to-do list before we leave for our vacation – I want to make sure everything we need to do for the honeymoon is done in a way that doesn’t cause unnecessary stress, so I have made a full list of things to accomplish prior to us leaving, so we can prepare for what we need to do.
Fully enjoy our honeymoon!  Self-explanatory 🙂


Exercise 4 hours a week
Meal Plan


Drink 60 oz of water 
No cell phone at dinner

What kind of goals do you have set for this month?


2 thoughts on “January progress + February goals

  1. Great goals! I never even think to add specific financial goals to my list because I just “assume” I will do them but making myself accountable by showing everyone can make a huge difference and add motivation. 🙂 Also, I hope you have a fantastic honeymoon!

    1. Thank you so much! And, yes, specific goals have been such a game changer for me! It keeps me more accountable and makes me actually do it 🙂 also, it makes me feel like I’m actually making progress on paying off our debt.

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