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Social Media Free(ish) weekend

This past weekend I tried out my first social media free weekend. I added the (ish) because I woke up Saturday and completely forgot about it, so I checked Facebook (oops!) and Sunday was our 9 year date-a-versary and I posted a photo on Instagram.





Five on Friday #2

Happy Friday Friends!

This month has felt like it has FLOWN by – does anyone else feel that way? I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. Here’s some things I’m loving this Friday!

1. Christmas Decorating


I know a lot of people don’t like to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, and I totally get the argument and, respectfully disagree. We always decorate the weekend before Thanksgiving because the week of Thanksgiving I am baking up a storm, and then we are always out of town, and after 5 days of traveling, the last thing I want to do is decorate. This way, it’s already done and we walk into a winter wonderland right after Thanksgiving. Our tradition is to eat pizza and watch Elf, and it’s one of my favorite yearly traditions we’ve started! (more…)

Our favorite meals

We are big eaters here. We love to cook and eat. And we love to share that with others.

Our basic goal is to eat as many vegetables as we can. It doesn’t always happen (we are also big pasta/carb fans), but I’ve found as long as that’s a priority, we do pretty OK. If we eat something that’s more unhealthy, we will try to balance that out with a healthier meal later in the week.

Here’s what a month of meals looks like for us, typically. I’ve linked the recipe if we used one!


Lemon pasta & steak and argula salad


Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

This week has been insanely busy for me already!

Today I’m going to show you our wedding bands and my engagement ring!

I wasn’t blogging when Omar and I got engaged, but I was actually completely surprised. First of all, he proposed on a Monday, which I never would have expected. Second, he never made any hint toward it at all, which I thought he would (he’s terrible at keeping secrets!).

But alas, on March 14, 2016 he proposed. It’s an easy day to remember since it was Pi Day.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, friends! 

I LOVE Halloween. Our neighborhood gets so into it – everyone sits in their driveways, there’s kids everywhere, and we always run out of candy. We love seeing all of the costumes that the kids wear!

We always dress up because we thing it’s so fun. This year we will be ninja turtles, and Sadie will also have a matching costume. Here’s some costumes from Halloween past! 

2016 – a witch and a burger-lar (get it?!)

2015 – 1920s woman and an old man

2014 – I was a cat (inspired by our own!)
What are you dressing up as this year?

October progress + November goals

Happy (almost) November!

Today I’m going to share the progress I made on my October goals and share what my November goals are. If you aren’t familiar, I use Powersheets to goal plan and they are the best.

For October, I kept my goals to a minimum because of getting married on September 30. I knew I would be wrapped up in post-wedding bliss, and wanted to give myself some margin. That being said, I did have some goals! (more…)

Friday Favorites #1

Happy Friday!

Here’s some things I’m loving this week.

1. This is Us: I LOVED the entire first season. And then, the first few episodes of the second season weren’t cutting it for me at all. But, I really feel like they’ve gotten back into their groove with the last few episodes and I’m loving it!

2. Morning walks with Sadie and Omar: I’ve been waking up earlier to go on morning walks with Sadie and Omar, and it has been so great! She is just the cutest…..